R U N-For You Will Never Find Peace Within Your Quiet EP review.

R U N-For You Will Never Find Peace Within Your Quiet EP review.

Bone-crushing, intelligent and emotive as hell. It may be a weighty call, but Australian extreme music is leaving the world for dead atm. I think the majority of overseas artists are utterly piss-weak compared to the phenomenal releases we are putting out in 2020. R U N personifies this type of world-beating class act. This gargantuan-like project is constructed by two local geniuses and defining it seems puerile at best. The overall gut-wrenchingly heavy sound simply reflects the volumes of deep effort and vivid skill excised here on this scintillating Ep. Musically it sits in a morose and dark corridor of post-hardcore, deathcore, and various blends of extreme metal, but it is blazingly original. Not only is the production the type that makes you want to shout "why the fuck aren't all albums made to sound this genuinely sonic and pulverizing", but you also gasp at how five tracks can be so focused and with no wasted moments. This EP is amazing profound in its achievements. Lyrically it's quite reflective and deeply personal, and no one will never forget how stunning and impactful; the track Will Never is. An absolute mindfuckingly epic journey of a track with the most haunting, yet starkly comforting lyrics "You gonna fucking die". If you haven't heard this track, you need to get your best headphones on and embrace this dark gem asap. The other four tracks are equally not easy listening, but that's why we worship heavy music, isn't it?. I don't want safe, generic music that's soulless and equally aiming to meet market demand. This is nasty music that has pure blood sweat and DNA poured over every part of it. I feel privileged to have heard music that is so confident and a product of magnificent craftsmanship. No more needs to be said, other than prepare to be blown away by this release. FFO evil, moving, and exceptional extreme metal.



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