In case you missed....Frayle-1692 review

Frayle-1692 review.

I will state this straight up this is a guaranteed album to be in the best of 2020's album list. It is a release that will stand the test of time and the depth and class of this release are unparalleled. So many great elements make up this band which is illustrated as Heavy Witch Doom; so basically a doomy band with sublime vocals with almost atmospheric gloom counteracted by brilliant indy undertones. And that's not capturing the whole picture by even 10%, you can only get a glimmer by playing this really loud and on repeat. You get lovely constructed epic songs that demand your attention, with sensational riffs and haunting melodies, all this and more for a debut album. The sludgy tone is as ear-shattering as Conan, but at the same time, you have shoegazy tones and influence that balances the whole album out perfectly. I adored everything about this album and would love to see this whole release live. It can be a party album, a solitude album, or a reflective piece for your ears, it's scorchingly that incredible. You cannot separate this album into songs you dig and others that are okay, it's an exceptional and stunning album.

Just listen and support this band, more recently in the COVID era, they have done some amazing live videos.