Hornography metal compilation cd review.

Hornography metal compilation cd review.

Hornography is a sick monthly metal night in Perth, Australia that gets amazing reviews and apparently it's an essential night if you are a heavy music fan with sick bands playing, drink specials and all the mayhem you could ever want. Once this pandemic chaos is over, I am definitely making the pilgrimage over to this night. On to the cd, well it's all fucking killer, it's like an epic two-day metal festival on one compilation. And with many subgenres of metal on one damn cd, it's an audio orgasm of a release. Over the fantastic 19 tracks, you get death metal, power metal, grindcore, industrial metal, thrash and everything in-between. I literally struggle to pick my faves off this cracker. But I will give props to some of my faves. Vanadium B.C. sounds straight up like one of my fave Aussie metal bands, Mortal Sin. Fuck yes!!!. One of the best grind bands around, Population Control, death metal legends Crypt Crawler and sheer raw darkness of The Uncreation. Match this with the speed metal warfare of Bloodlust, the original and heavy force of Kimura and the pure metal brilliance of Tempest Rising. And that's just off the top of my head, you can pop the cd on shuffle and bang your fucking head right off. I loved the variation of bands and discovered some bands I had never heard of. Win-win. 

Here are the details of how you can grab a copy and don't complain it's a free digital download or cheap as for a copy:

*Available for digital download from hornography-perth.com as of March 25th.
*100 CDs will be provided to our sponsor Heavy Metal Merchant to include in their WA merch orders.
*There will be an official compilation CD launch once Hornography is back up and running and offer a free CD to all payers on entry.
*We will distribute remaining CDs at future Soundwork Direct events once the storm settles down.

and grab a awesome Aussie metal cd, support the scene!