Get BEATEN, BENT, BROKEN AND BRUISED with Southpaw!!!-Driven Contempt EP review.

Get BEATEN, BENT, BROKEN AND BRUISED with Southpaw!!!- Driven Contempt EP review.

First up, how sick is the cover art? Damn incredible and Aussie as fuck. But the music contained in this EP will blow you away. By far Southpaw's finest release, Driven Contempt showcases their musical progression in every possible way. The riffs are harder, the song structure is much more complex and Brent's vocals are absolutely skin-peeling. Not sure what has occurred in those four years since their last release, but these guys have been constructing some serious anger management tunes here. 
Self-reflection and enduring the struggles of day to day life ring true across these furious five tracks. This EP reflects what true hardcore should be; excellent lyrics and hard-hitting tunes that grab your attention from the get-go. Production was fierce and as accurate as a throat punch. Every single tune is an utter gem here, but Bound to Break is 100% the best Aussie hardcore track I have heard in like 10 years. Everything about it from the caustic solo, the insane vocals, and brilliant lyrics just meld so perfectly together. A perfect EP from a bunch of top guys that equals Mindsnare greatness. You need this, it's the antidote to any tedium of the life we live.