Vulvodynia Interview. Brutal Death metal from South Africa.

Vulvodynia Interview. Brutal Death metal from South Africa.  

Vulvodynia dropped an awesome album Mob Justice a few months ago and this writer is still playing it heavily, due to its addiction-like qualities and brutality. We had a chat with this awesome band and remember in November, we are lucky enough to have Vulvodynia on the Australian shores!!!.

1-Tell me how it feels to drop the face-melting album that is Mob Justice? And give your readers a
history of how your brutal band came about?

It’s always very exciting to release new material. We poured our hearts and souls into it and we
hope people will enjoy what we released. Vulvodynia started with Luke Haarhoff and Duncan
Bentley writing slam tunes. They were inspired by bands like Ingested and Acrania, and wanted
to write some brutal music of their own. Fast-forward to today we have Kris Xenopoulos, Thomas
Hughes, and Chris van der Walt added to the line-up to complete the band.

2- What drew you to metal and what is it such a rewarding and sustaining
genre of music to you?

Metal fans are very devoted. It’s a kind of camaraderie that you don’t find in many genres of
music. Having the love and support of these fans is something beyond belief, and it definitely
fuels the fire. The power and energy the music creates live is definitely a great reward as a
performer, and watching kids crowdkill and mosh really is something you don’t see anywhere

3- Devil’s Horns firmly believes that music and art is the best crossover in the universe, how
does that work for you as a band? You guys always have exceptionally hectic artwork on each

We take a lot of pride in the artwork we release. It definitely reflects on the band and gives a
visual representation to the music and concept. We have gathered some phenomenal artists over
the year, and we are extremely honored to have worked with them. We have to sell merch to
survive, and providing great artwork makes it more appealing.

4- Live how does your music translate? what topics underpin your songs? And what rewards you
as a well established extreme metal band?

I think the intensity and power come through like a burst of unstoppable energy. The ideas/topics
we cover are harsh and brutal, so you have to try and deliver it with the same intent. On our latest
album we cover a lot of topics about African issues and brutality, like famine, addiction, mob
justice, revolution, etc.. I think the reward of being a well established extreme metal band is that it
allows us to get our ideas/topics across to a wider audience, which makes the reach and
responsibility of what you want/have to say so much greater.

5- Any overseas tours or major gigs you would like to tell us about?

Every single tour and major gig is an incredible experience! Touring with Despised Icon,
Malevolence, Fit For An Autopsy, Venom Prison, Wormhole, Cognitive, etc., has taught us so
many tricks and we’ve learned so much. It’s always great touring with a nice bunch of people, it
makes the hard work much easier and more fun. Fests like Obscene Extreme, Rock The Hell,
Brutal Assault, Party San, Ramfest, Oppikoppi, etc are also amazing, because you get to perform
on a huge stage with great sound to a large audience.

6- What are the highlights for you as a band so far?

Being able to tour the world playing heavy music with bands we admire is a definite highlight.
Also making the great albums with each other has been absolutely amazing, and having the
amount and caliber of artists who have collaborated on our music is mind-blowing. Also the
catering in Switzerland...

7- On the flipside, the struggles and challenges?

We have to put other interests aside, and really focus on what the band needs to keep the engine
going. Our loved ones and family stay behind when we head out on tour and that always causes
stress and it’s harder than people think. We work very hard and we sleep very little. There are
many sacrifices made to keep this alive, but it’s all worth it when you are on stage and you see
the look in people’s eyes when you perform.

8- Any favorite current artists or particular albums you have on rotation?

Our tastes cover a wide range of music. Duncan is loving Bananaslama at the moment, Kris is
into fusion like Aristocrats or Cartoon Theory, Luke loves his deathcore and trap, Tom is a reggae
and ska boi, Chris digs the classic rock and math metal. We love Despised Icon, Malevolence,
Wormhole, Cognitive, Fit For An Autopsy, Venom Prison, Justice for the Damned, and all the
bands we’ve toured with.

9- What’s next after this tour cycle?

We’re off to Brutal Assault (CZ) and Party San (DE) in August. Then in November we’re in
Australia and New Zealand, which is followed by Tech Trek Europe with Archspire, Beneath the
Massacre and Inferi in December.

10- Any final words or messages?

Thank you to everyone who supports us and come to the shows and buys our shit. We love our
fans and they mean the world to us.

Indeed a great band and you would be insane to miss their tour in Nov, but equally crazy to not own a copy of Mob Justice,

Watch this:
 and check them live!!!.