Marca De Honra-Gaijin EP review.

Marca De Honra-Gaijin EP review. 

Brazil has an amazing history of hardcore and metal bands. Marca De Honra from Sao Paulo personifies the greatness of this region. Gaijin is a raw and absolute firecracker of a release. Beatdown hardcore with a strong urban vibe. Get it in your ears pronto!!!.

There is no time for pissing about on this fine release and it is really hectic hardcore meets Body Count with an obvious beatdown foundation. But not in a poseur way, but as a direct way to knock your ears about. Nothing is boring here, not a single song overstays it's welcome and you will hit repeat in an instant.

The build-up on each track is sweet and the players are both angry as hell and so proficient at administering their concrete medicine to your dome.

1054 records are really unearthing some amazing gems at the moment and you have to credit their scouting network because this is another of their bands that need to play major festivals.

Highlights: the whole fucking release because it flows and blows your eardrums.

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