Inherence-The Entrails of Human Desire (EP) review by Mark Jenkins

Inherence-The Entrails of Human Desire (EP) review by Mark Jenkins.

Brazil has a brutal habit of crafting beautifully exhilarating heavy music. Inherence is an absolute testament to this principle. Their initial release "Dogma" was abrasive, but not groundbreaking by any means. "The Entrails of Human Desire" however sets the conquerers flag in the battlefield. 

Four tracks only, but the best and heaviest four tracks of the year. Deeply sits as a seismic cocktail of Hardcore and Death Metal, but not some lame arse hipster Deathcore wankfest.

The nasty vocals will entrap you, but oh man wait for the riffs. We here at Devil's Horns Zine love the riffs that drill into your skull after one listen. The production throughout is absolutely on point and showcases the band's brilliance. Take opener "God of Nothing", it is beyond essential; but don't play in your commute to work-YOU WILL END UP DRIVING OVER ANYONE IN YOUR WAY-THAT'S A WARNING!!. Next track "Phantom Eye Syndrome" is ballistic and again is permeated by severe, skin shedding riffs and vocals that sound like pure demonic possession. This track, and for that matter the whole EP clearly shows a band that has found their sound and greatly focused their combined superpowers.

 Again building on the solid foundation of the first nuclear missiles is the standout track of the EP, the gem that is "Vile, but Devine". Frankly, it's just pure insanity, but the vocal journey this takes you is so epic. I also love, that it's very hardcore influenced metal with strong Death Metal(like peak 90's period) stylings. Yes Sir, just bring me a full album ASAP!. The EP ends perfectly with the schizo track "The Chapter of Human Carnage" again twisting and turning with the vocal and guitar rollercoaster gymnastics. Except this track builds more gradual than the other tracks, like the perfect track you are hoping for at an extreme music festival. So much talent here, the album will be mind-blowing, 100%. This is the heaviest four-piece band around people, embrace it!!!!!

This drops tomorrow so please grab yourself a copy either digital or physical from or

Watch this and enjoy...pure heavy death metal essential: