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Sworn Enemy-Gamechanger album review and interview

Sworn Enemy have been kicking since 1999 and consistently on both album and performance fronts have delivered exceptional value to even the most casual listener. But Sal and the crew have never rested on their laurels and have just dropped one of the finest releases in their excellent catalogue.
Gamechanger is just that. And proves NYHC is unbeatable.

The bonus for this release is that Robb Flynn of Machine Head was the evil craftsman/producer at the desk and it literally adds a nuclear bomb depth to the war machine that is Sworn Enemy. Everything just seems to be more clearer(no not cleaner FFS), precise and ballsy whilst adding the metallic heavieness that has always been integral to the bands unique sound. There is pretty much everything you could possibly require from an essential hardcore or modern metal/thrash release here- hateful lyrics, corrosive vocals with bite, cankerous drums and bass and harsh, yet catchy riffs to drill the tune into your skull on first listen. Indeed, this is one epic and superb hardcore album.

Lyrically on point as most NYHC is, it blends topical issues with just enough tough guy statements to prove the band means every word they say. As previously mentioned, the album is exceptional heavy but never steers too far from it's genre. The band have always been a dynamic mix of thrash metal, crossover and straight up hardcore and don't deviate from this. After 20 years, why the fuck would you. The album is just shy of 38 mins and it's 11 tracks are all quality.

Fave tracks were: Selling a Dream (less breakneck spread and a masterpiece of restraint) the heavy as fuck DOA, the catchy and hooky Coming Undone, the hard as concrete Prepare for Payback(certified classic) and the best hardcore track I have heard in years; the glorious Justify.

FFO: Crossover, proper heavy hardcore with no bullshit and old school metal like Exodus, Slayer etc.

It's out now on M-Theory audio,

but in Australia 10-54 records is your source to get the hard copy:

Here's a wicked clip from this awesome release: