Scarfold-Unstoppable review

Montreal has European flair and sophistication that makes it one of the most popular metropolitan centres in Canada. But really who gives a rats about the touristy nonsense. Since 2015, these hardcore giants have been kicking it strongly since their onset and now are about to drop this sensationally heavy album that is called and is frankly UNSTOPPABLE.

FFO:Old school hardcore, but still modern as hell. It definitely reminds me of Old Throwdown, Hatebreed, Bury Your Dead and Early Madball. 

So it's got massive groove in spades plus a unrelenting need to want to punch holes in your office walls (I wouldn't listen to this at work unless you train in a MMA gym!!). The riffs come thick and fast and it will reestablish your faith in more hardcore, because let's be honest there is a truck load of shit-cunt bands across the globe masquerading as real hardcore bands, or simply bands who have lost their way.

Rest assured this is solid, proper hardcore that is deliberate in it's purpose. It wants you to pump these tracks loud and create pure mayhem in the pit. 

Having played many shows in Canada, USA and Europe, they have had the privilege of sharing the stage with notable artists like Sworn Enemy, Lifeless, Get The Shot and Billy Bio from Biohazard, among others and their pedigree really shows. This album is a true testament to taking the time to refine your craft and really deliver a album of note. The vocals and groove carries the album strongly and if the mad arse riffs don't grab your attention; Fab's vocals will. It's how sonic hardcore should be, punchy and produced enough to let the band's talent shine threw. Have to say this caught me off guard how masterful this was for a debut album.

Best tracks: Unstoppable, By Any Means, Far Gone(so damn Biohazard-like, oh yes!!!) and Swallow (reminds me of Sworn Enemy).

This amazing album drops from 1054 Records from April 4th....don't waste your time on fake bands, these bastards are the real deal.

Watch and listen to this or I'll hunt you down...