Wisdom in Chains-Nothing in nature respects weakness album review by Mark Jenkins.

By delivering their 7th album, you would expect some solid goods you have grown to love plus maybe some progression. Face pounding hardcore is the name of the game for these legends. Did the album seem challenging or different, no chance. This release presents as a decent album, but only passably so. It has substantial groove and punch, but hardly innovative although the guests are solid as fuck: name check, Freddy Madball and Matt Noi!se. But it still only passes as a vague interest.

For me there weren’t really any standout tracks except for Someday. The rest just blended into blandness and real predictability. There isn’t much more to be said, except it was majorly disappointing.

2.5 out of 5. Please comeback with a killer album guys, you have released some real classics, this is a case of where’s your mojo?.

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