Manifestation- Fair Enough album review by Mark Jenkins.
German Hardcore kings release their new amazing album on Sept. 7 and it’s solid hardcore that gets better each listen. I can’t recall such memorable riffs and vocal hooks since prime Sick of It All albums. Too many bands let a metal influence overtake the predominant hardcore base they build from. But Manifestation slay!
Manifestation excel because what ever they do, they do it exceptionally well. Sprinkles of crossover, NYHC and enough harmony to attach it to your regular playlist. It’s simply first rate from start to finish. Readers; the guitar work is immense, the production probably could have had a touch more punch, but it outclasses its competition by statuesque vocals and well-crafted songs.
Highlights: Time thru my hands (exceptional metal driven crossover), Valley Mount (thrash or die fuckers!) and the wicked euro hardcore style of Keep it Together and the title track (very Sacred Reich)
4/5 and a classic.
Also kudos to a band that states this in their bio: 
Fight for your class, not for your country.
End racism and take a stand.
Support this excellent band please!
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