Capital Enemy-Knowledge of the Wicked album review by Mark Jenkins.

Melbourne is an absolute hotbed in producing some of the finest hardcore in the country.Same goes for the multitude of great labels and shows constantly rising. Pure fire describes this absolute fucking rager of an album.

Production is amazing crisp, yet bombastically fierce in it's volatile gravity. 10 tracks of heavy, nasty hardcore. Labels are boring as hell, this is pure raging metallic hardcore.
Hardcore with solid death metal influences without a doubt.And surprising in a worldwide sea of fakes and copycats, Capital Enemy standout by providing vastly original songs and structure. The thickness of the well constructed riffs blends seamlessly with bass and drums that are in perfect symmetry with the gravelly vocal delivery. There are catchy grooves, pure headbanging moments and brilliant intricacies that surpasses what could be expected from a debut album.

Highlights were: Graves of the Grey (probably also the best hardcore track of the last five years), Grindstone and Deathchitect.

5/5 and a truly astonishing achievement, backed up by their live expertise.

Out August 24 on

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