Insidious Disease: After Death album review.


Insidious Disease: After Death album review.

FFO: Pacey, clever death metal with buckets of thrash and head nods to every great extreme metal band of quality.

Yes, this album dropped the last month, but I need to raise your attention to it. If you are a fan of an Entombed style riffs and skin-peeling, gritty vocals you will enjoy this. It's 43 mins of the shit proper metal heads adore. Definitely not an album of versatile or diverse style, just a knucklehead of a release. Nothing new, but has all the bits you want. I am kinda swept away by the foreplay us metalheads need, a catchy intro, pace with nice technique and epic riffs. The slow, well mid-paced tracks are equally sick as well. By no means a classic release, but it rages and goes hard. Indeed the band has an all-star cast from well known bands, but I don't care about names. I need the tracks that lodge in my head and this album have tons of them. I reckon the band would be amazing live as well.

Grab a copy and blow some speakers up motherfuckers!!.


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