Aborted- Terrorvision reviewed by Mark Jenkins.
You ready for a face melt even more gruesome than the famous Raiders of the Lost Ark scene. Well your moment has arrived, the glorious Terrorvision surpasses all expectations.It's a hectic, abrasive tour de death metal.

This writer couldn't believe they could remotely improve on Retrogore. It leaves it for dead and that for me was a deadset gory death metal classic. The pace is beyond frantic and is pure insanity with mind-blowing skillsets by all involved. The production is so brillantly balanced and punchy; it sounds exceptional on even stock standard audio equipment.

Exquisite Covinus Drama" sums up the release so exquisite beauty of this album. Warped flow, grimness yet warmth from amazing riffs and pure crazed sidetracked journeys in each track. Definitely more deathgrind than other releases, but with blastbeat madness."Älturo Inferno"" does the same, yet in a completely different manner. Fucking extraordinary craft here. And to be able to do this with such insanely fast songs is mesmerizing artistry.
This writer loved the whole classic hysterical flow of this album, but the closer " The Final Absolution" left me gasping for air with the savage, almost operatic( in a cool , not cheesy way...trust me!!!) seismic sense of chaos evident.

5/5 gory skull-fucks and the entire album is a highlight.

The album is released Sept 21st and if you don't buy it and worship it, see a mental health clinic asap!!!

watch this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i6h1GPZi-g8

and catch them on the amazing latest Black Dahlia Murder tour hitting Australia as we print.