And finally (Apologies as this writer had a whole Macbook become dead, followed by a complete hard drive . Insert angry and sad emojis etc) here is the crazy belated Part 4 of my Dark Mofo review-Act 4 Ashes of the wake; various musings and salutations.

-Fantastic halls of eclectic booze and other beverages aiming to delight your liver and mind. Sheer visual delight with a splendid visual atmosphere in truckloads.
-The writer partook in warm toddies and incredible sushi from the sushi master; Masaaki which absolutely blew my mind same as fantastic fish broth and other culinary masterpieces.  There was so much choice and this was beyond the standard festival fare. The key is pure food artisanship.

-The atmosphere was incredible; inside was charming but the whole outside area was heartwarming and comforting. Fire was a huge theme; be it in a 44-gallon drum or small bonfires and even water sculptures with fire floating over the top; creative as all hell. Pure alluring charm. Add some fantastic world music and incredibly friendly staff and you have a perfect event.

Dark Park
-A sea of complete visual delights. You had brilliant laser sculptures by Matthew Schreber, Illuminated orbiting planets by United Visual artists, colossal arse spider sculptures and a fantastic selection of cool as hell quirky bars.
This was all in what one would describe as industrial sheds and open desolate wasteland in between. Now that is pure artist skill.
 Inbetween this writer went to multiple events around the city, including out of this world art exhibitions, creepy yet gripping soundscapes about death and dying (Waterborne) and ancient alphabets mixed with vocal created darkness.
 Throw in visits to Australia's best modern museum, MONA, and the warm welcome Hobart gives anyone and you have one of Australia's best festivals for music and the arts.
Photo credits to the writer and Dark Mofo media.

Thanks to Erin and the media crew from Dark Mofo for supremely outstanding access to multiple events and incredible support.

Bring on Dark Mofo 2019!.
Kudos and deep hellfires.

Remarkable entertainment on every level, you could just submerge yourself in the broad red light and breathe in the darkness.