Unleashing Anarchy: The Fury-X Interview-Unhinged and Essential Stenchcore by Mark.J.


Unleashing Anarchy: The Fury-X Interview-Unhinged and Essential Stenchcore by Mark J.

When the world seems spiralling into chaos, there's a raw, unapologetic honesty in the music that dares to address the tumult. Enter Fury-X, an anarcho-metal punk band whose members have come together to create a sound that is as ferocious as it is insightful.

 The band's history is a patchwork of chance encounters and shared passions. From meeting on the streets to jamming in living rooms, the members of Fury-X have crafted a sound deeply rooted in the metal and punk scenes of the '80s and '90s. They speak of their evolution with a candour that's as refreshing as it is rare, detailing the journey from their previous bands to the creation of something that's all their own.

Fury-X's music is not just an auditory experience; it's a call to action. Their lyrics are a potent cocktail of socio-political commentary, challenging listeners to engage with the issues that shape our world. The band's commitment to their message is unwavering, and they clearly show the importance of maintaining authenticity in a scene that often values conformity over creativity.

We adored their debut album and we worship every live performance they gift us with, so as promised here is the glorious interview I did, enjoy!!

Unleashing Anarchy: The Fury-X Interview

Dhz=Devil’S Horns Zine(Mark)

BV=Bocchi-san =Vox A=Aeiha Fury=Guitar

BB=Bacon=Bass S=Slam =Drums

DHZ: All right, so we're here interviewing FURY-X. We're obviously going to talk about the album and the band. So, does everybody want to introduce themselves first?

A: Aeiha, guitarist.

S: Slam, drummer.

BB:Bacon, bass.

BV:Bocchi-san, screamer of the void.

DHZ: do you want to give me, a bit of the band history, like when you started?

A: Started this band in early 2021 during the Covid lockdown.
S: about 3 years so far.
A: I and Slam have played together for about 10 years in many different projects before this one.

S: Gone through so many different band projects, the most notable one was the UK 82 Anarcho-punk band called Wild Spears. Which had small to moderate success up and down the East Coast and over in Japan briefly.
And then COVID happened! So during the COVID period, Aeiha convinced me to start a new project.
That's more faster, more aggressive, and more metal influence.

BB: So I was there for a lot of Aeiha and Slams practice sessions and they approached me and asked if I would wanna play bass. I've never played bass in my life, you know, but I play guitar for like 14-16 years.

A: Yeah, he's an amazing guitarist. Like, he's really good.

BB: So for me, joining the band and the transition from guitar to bass was seamless. It was like, “Oh, I don't have to play, like, very difficult anymore”. But with my bass sound, I do like to keep it very heavily distorted. So in a lot of our songs, I play the same riff as the guitarist.

DHZ: It's a remarkable fit. And what about yourself Boochi-san?

BV: My looking for a band took me ten years. Because I tried to find people I could work with but it was difficult.

BV: I was in Laos, seeing my family. And that was like a week before the pandemic hit.

A: Nice time to ask him to join.

BV: He's got the best timing. Yeah, I didn't really do much until, like, the pandemic sort of, calmed down. But, it's taken me, like a decade just to find, like, the right people I can work with. I'm quite comfortable now in this band.

DHV: Yeah, you guys seem to fit really well together like you have been playing for a long time together and it's great as a live experience; fluid, tight and cohesively aggressive.

So the album has just been released recently yes?

A: Yes a digital format has been released in early January of 2024 Ad.

But we will have a physical format available at our official launch along with merch such as patches and black long-sleeve shirts. The date is still yet to be determined pending other factors.

BB: We are hoping for the physical copy to be here soon, but still need the merch first and flyer designs to be finalised.

S: Everything is still top secret at the moment.

DHV: How was the album recorded? D.I.Y. Or in a professional studio?

BB: The recording of the tracks aspect was done D.I.Y. The mix and mastering was done by our close friend Rory Webb ( Nemean) at his studio.

DHV: What have been the influences for this band in the creation of its style of music?

A: For Bacon it's Death-core and Boochi-san it's Black Metal. But for I and Slam as we are in our '40s, it has been all the great Heavy Metal, Speed Metal, Death Metal, Thrash, Black Metal, Anarcho, Street punk and Japanese Crust from the early 80's up until the late 90's.

The most notable band influences have been Bolt Thrower and Warhammer 40,000. I can easily name about 300 bands that have had great impressions on our band as a whole.

DHV: There are a lot of political lyrics in the songwriting, does this band consider itself to be very political?.

BV: Yes we do consider ourselves to be very politically aware of humanity's social environment. As where will any band find its inspiration to write great music.

DHV: I've noticed that the lyric content is very short, is that intentional? Or is it because you all play so fuking fast?

BB: Our lyric content is very short and to the point of the message that we want to convey. And yes it's also because we play so fast, it sounds better with short but memorable lyric content to make our music more impactful.

DHV: Is there gonna be a full tour for the album? And what other countries would u like to play first?

BB: Not a full tour as of yet but mostly East Coast. We really want to do a Japan tour and play festivals like Asakusa Death Fest and KAPPUNK.

DHV: Is there anything else you want to add or talk about before we wrap this up?

S: We have more but we will keep that for another future interview

BV: I just wanna be in Japan with my conbini downstairs and live off of 7/11, Lawsons and Family Mart food all day, read my manga and watch anime.

BB: Yup second that and play video games all day LOL

A: HELL YEAH BROTHER I'm in for that!! Also, I wanna explore all the Book Off and Game Off stores and go to Hoppy Allyway and drink Hoppy!!LOL

But yeah everything else is top secret for now on what we got planned, good for shock tactics.

DMZ: thanks Fury-X what an excellent, broad and deep chat.

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