Aborted-Vault of Horror album review by Mark J. FFO: Guts in a blender type metal brilliance.

 Aborted-Vault of Horror album review by Mark J.  FFO: Guts in a blender-type metal brilliance.

This classic Deathgrind band are simply unrelenting and their last five albums are searing beasts and they add more intensity with each album. Live they are killer and having interviewed their singer Sven previously, I can attest to this band is the real fucking deal. But this record is just ferocious as fuck, so sick be it the high level of guitarwork, the crushing drums /bass or the 10 guest vocalists on the album. The brilliant album art says it all. This insane album is horrifically brutal and so damn enjoyable. These are top-quality guests on this banger, but seriously it could stand alone without half of these-not a criticism, but the mere fact is the music is perfect for their well-refined mix of ghastly death metal meets goregrind. The production is chunky and not too overproduced to me, it is a wild mix of aggression and very clear instrument recording-wise, but a very obvious vocal focus to the front mix. This is a psychotic, pacey and at times moody record. I am not going through each track because you will worship this if you love their previous recent albums or the genre. My current faves are the grisly opener Dreadbringer, the fearsome Hellbound which is like a steamroller on steroids or the nuclear-powered schizophrenic closer Malevolent Haze. But just buy it and play it loud to your neighbours-a delightful violent extreme metal classic.

Out 15th March on Nuclear Blast records: