BulletBelt Reviews by Devil's Horns Zine (Mark J). :Illmatic, Piss Mouth, Halo of Teeth , K5 and Lava.

 BulletBelt Reviews by Devil's Horns Zine 

(By Mark J).

You know the drill, straight up no bullshit reviews like the zines of old. No fancy writing, just straight-up facts. Five killer releases here, all bangers!!!.

Illmatic-Watching the World Burn. This Detroit megaforce dropped this debut earlier in the year and prepare your ears to be blown out; this is loud and dope as fuck. 10 tracks of tough-as-hell hardcore mixed with Hip Hop style in the vein of Downset etc. But this ain't a pale imitation of that genre, this has the realest lyrics, the brilliant song composition and the fattest riffs. Everything is dominated by a first-class rhythm section, that is memorable and forceful as hell. The drive on this is wicked and definitely has that solid Biohazard/Body Count vibe. Definitely no weak tracks on this beast, but Rat Traps, Trife Life, and No Justice No Peace were the most exceptional. As well as a well-matched production that lets the music flow in a live performance style, whilst being gritty as hell at the same time. No Justice No Peace closes out the album so well, it's a full-contact hardcore war, so bombastic and explosive. Well recommended and you need this asap. We should have an interview with these legends very soon. 

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Piss Mouth-this is not an actual review as the demo hasn't dropped, but I have heard the rough mixes via videos from the awesome Jen from Ballarat (sounds like a radio show thing, Jen from Ballarat, argh first-time caller, long-time listener etc). Jen is a mad supporter of extreme music particularly Aussie stuff and this project(hope it makes a live debut in future) is a fun grind band but actually sounds like L7/Lunachicks meets Blood Duster. The humour is wild and the songs whilst basic are all catchy as hell. Keep a look out for this awesome demo and check the videos here:

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Halo of Lies-Unsilent/Unseen(May Day Demo)This is Michael's(many cool bands including the mighty Population Control)newish project; a total noisey, grim, moody and unrelenting post metal/black metal beast. This wild demo is just one track; but fuck me it is a wild 12 minutes of glorious audio distress. Bleak, deep and scandi as fuck. I am unaware who else plays in this band, but it has to be super-experienced wizards as the playing and songwriting is utterly sublime. Stay tuned to their socials as they are one of the masters of the game with just one track. Love the dense grimness of this release.
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K5-Pomona. Do you ever go to a gig and see a support band that blows your mind. I was going to see my mate's band (Kieren's awesome Schkeuditzer Kreuz) at the wondrous DIY venue Static Open and caught this exceptional band. Here's their basic bio: K5 is a three-piece band from Castlemaine Victoria that formed in 2019. Zeb from Matrimony plays guitar and sings, Nicole from RRR's Respect the Rock plays bass and Julia from the library hits the drums. And if you don't know who Matrimony was; they are basically the Australian band that inspired Bikini Kill. They are sharp-witted lyrical masters with fantastic song composition, and huge riffs in that wild Sonic Youth/L7/Riot Grrl style, but original, quirky and rowdy as hell. The astounding observational lyrics work perfectly with the jangley guitarwork and strong rhythm section. The highlights are absolutely every single track(including a remarkable Black Flag cover )-it's out now:

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Lava-S/T EP. This is a wicked one-man band/project from New Zealand that sits broadly between death metal, sludge and even thrash with some prog metal vibes.He definitely has heaps of skills and could really do many metal genres, but the atmosphere is thick, and retro in a cool raw black metal way. All the tracks are cool, the opener Hands Melting Off The Clock of Time is a fave as this is moody and grim in an old-school death metal way, but equally was impressed by the slow tempo burner that is Tasteless World, that almost goes operatic in a black metal meets Paradise Lost manner, thankfully none of that symphonic metal garbage. This is a very solid EP, so definitely one to keep an eye out for this project.
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