Backhand-Gentrification is Genocide EP/Demo. FFO: Killer political and awesome hardcore punk.


Backhand-Gentrification is Genocide EP/Demo. FFO: Killer political and awesome hardcore punk.

Wow, what an impressive release, man it takes me back to the peak of '90s Hardcore and also some of the most incredible Aussie bands like Flycop and Blitz Babiez etc. And it drips in emotion given the necessary topics it focuses on such as racism, sexism, domestic violence and human rights. And I always think hardcore should be political and confronting. This is seven tracks of in-your-face sociopolitical hardcore gold.

The whole release is very representative of super tight American-style hardcore (or Toe to Toe style tbh!!) with utterly pissed-off vocals as shown in the hectic opener Fit of Rage. Yes, this is real stompy/moshy hardcore with a message with no tracks over two mins. The release at its core is super raging and chunky hardcore, but hey given the lyrical content, that's fair. And kudos to them for addressing real social issues as opposed to all those trendy bands finding 50 ways to say how tough they are, etc blah blah blah. Fit of Rage opens the EP and it's straight for the guts, I love the punchy style with aggressive drums, basslines and riffs and those gritty vocals. Pull the Trigger addresses how domestic violence brings so many to self-harm and suicide. A fast, ripper of a tune. Living Drug-Free is the hugest SXE anthem I have heard for some time, I mean I am not SXE, but it's probably one of my fave subgenres of hardcore. This is epic and so catchy. But the life and musical experience of the band members really shows the quality of their skills and makes this a tumultuous highlight. Get Your Hands Off Me; is another killer and stunning hardcore classic; as just indicated this band really knows how to write well-constructed songs; this also has a natural underground punk raw feel I dug. The release sounds like a band who have been together for years, with super tight playing and all in sync with each other.  Then the banger, Creepy Cunt Fuck Off which nails dirty dodgy fuckers to the wall, love this; reminds me of Melbourne's seminal Female punk band G.A.S.H.. Are the Chains Really Off was the first track of this release quite a few months ago, and it's a brutally stark and much-needed attack on racism and genocide that is essential on many levels. Violation is another huge highlight, this reminds me of Sacrilege and other UK bands that joined the fast thrash and crust together. These seven tracks are just the start for this band, as they are playing many shows and definitely have an album or two up their sleeve. 
This is what the hardcore scene needs, really competent hardcore bands that have core values and don't back away from the real issues in the world.

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