Album reviews-Bong Coffin/Fever Shack/Honest Crooks...all sick releases!!!.


Album reviews-Bong Coffin/Fever Shack/Honest Crooks...all sick releases!!!.

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As expected by the rad front cover, this is brilliant stoner doom, that has Sabbathy usual stoner vibes, but with pleasing brutality. The drums are moody as fuck, and the bass was hectically suffocating. But on top of nasty riffs is really madly hectic vocals matched with a really bombastic production. The key here is this is trippy and dark but never, ever boring-rare for this genre tbh. This album is amazingly focused/precise for a debut, the loose bits are more of a groove style-which fits well and the pace and tempo changes were clever. Add some cool LOTR samples and you have a beast of a record. Faves: Messiah, Voidsight and Wasteland Winds. Out now and it is killer:

Album number two and the boys are still killing it. With added aggression, as evidenced in Born to be Beaten and Self Destruct. There is still a definite Aussie flavour in the vein of 50 Lions etc, but always original flavour and decent lyrics. Groove and melodic style that has that real Terror and Suicidal feel is highlighted in Full Speed Ahead and Twist of Fate. They aren't reinventing the wheel, but their amazing consistency is way above pretty much every current Australian hardcore band. This is solid and brilliant hardcore. Legends!! Out now:

This is some of the best metallic hardcore with a strong death metal style this country has ever produced. Flat-out brutal, masterful and super-focused extreme metal band with such a tight sound. For a band kicking around for quite a while and releasing a decent amount of material, everything sounds sublimely evil. No filler on this debut album, just crushing suffocation. The combative production is amazing and a perfect match for the band, forcefully dynamic but live-sounding. This is an astute hint of other maybe future flavours on a couple of tracks with a touch of sludge etc, but that is welcomed as this creative band is flawless. Faves: Furnace of Rage, Serpent of Old and Burn Eternal. This band is a bright light in a sea of weak clones atm; all hail these kings.
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