Mark Jenkins' review of the album Abyss of a Light Planet by Praïm Faya showcases an incredible blend of metalcore, hardcore, and post-metal.


Mark Jenkins' review of the album Abyss of a Light Planet by Praïm Faya showcases an incredible blend of metalcore, hardcore, and post-metal.

This fantastic band from France are a scintillating mix of metalcore, hardcore and post-metal. There are definitive sprinkles of death metal and black metal as well, making this a well-rounded extreme metal band. Praïm Faya is very much the band you need to pay attention to, as they stray from the generic path and this is an instant classic.

Abyss of a Light Planet is their debut album, which completely builds on from their 2020 debut EP which was solid, but quite predictable and standard in terms of genre specific. This debut really plants the battle flag in the middle of the field and declares they have arrived. 

They solidly present 11 tracks of super confident and competent metalcore that is less Lamb of God and more a head-nod to Walls of Jericho etc with balls-out riffs and a pronounced hardcore foundation. Guitarwork is sharp, acidic and very focused. Listen to tracks like Lethe, Rituals and Shapeless Deity and you can feel the passion, but also be impressed as hell with the strong songwriting, vocal placement and wild riffage. This band does this genre so much better than its American and Australian counterparts, it adds that extreme metal flair to the mix-like a black metal-influenced vocal or guitar transition that really grabs your attention.

Whilst the key to this band is easily the energetic mood and tempo by all of these marvellously talented members, the depth across the tracks is the layers, artistic craft and exceptional talent. They write catchy and memorable tracks, that are quite tangential and assertive in their aims. But the melodic elements really balance the domineering thuggish brutality of their music at the same time. Magnitude is a clear-cut example of this, a tech death metal style is present to begin, but that aggressive groove really bites into you. The transition from styles and tempos even in one song is staggeringly impressive. Add to this intelligent instrumental tracks that actually sit so well on this album like Aube, Peregrination, Alba and Renewal all serve as well-placed mood pieces on this record. 

The biggest highlight is The Forge, an overwhelming and pulverising song of epic proportions that would slay in a small club or a massive festival stage. The flow and energy are ridiculous on this and the tension is so incredible on this, plus maddened backing vocals and tons of violent breakdowns. Also on this track and all the others we have outstandingly reflective lyrics and beautiful artwork this band is the whole package and I would say easily the best band to do this style in the last 15 years or more. Other bangers include the savagely melodic Titan and really any other track based on the sheer amount of variation and frankly mind-blowing guitar work that is atmospheric, moody and unbelievably crushing. Paul's vocals are a definitive highlight on this album as well.
All I can suggest you do is rush out and buy this classic, this band certainly has a huge career ahead of them.

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