Convict Class-Demo-lition EP. FFO: Solid Hard-rocking Street Punk with humour and skill.


Convict Class-Demo-lition EP. FFO: Solid Hard-rocking Street Punk with humour and skill. Convict Class are a relatively new Streetpunk/Oi! band who I got familiar with from their killer live rehearsals that were streamed. These videos made it super clear that this is a band that is both super talented and made up of good blokes with a real sense of humour. 

Humour or a sincere ability to laugh at yourself is clearest in the great opener We Are Not, which first hits you with fuzzy bass and wild riffs, then the mad vocal skills of Sten Gun, who delivers piss funny lyrics about not being a famous band and my fave line is:

Fuck caviar, we eat pub grub!!!

This is a quality and pretty hard-rock-focused opener that sits on the side of the rockier Cockney Rejects fare. But it works so well. Media is up next and has that luscious Sex Pistols and early punk style mixed with the vitriol of the Angelic Upstarts. This excellent song is a snapshot of just how solid the band is. Everything sounds tight and well-rehearsed, the drumming is top-shelf, as well as the guitar, is dynamic and never dull, the bass is pounding and Sten delivers ripping vocals, that can be super harmonic and well as snarling. He definitely reminds me of a mix of Mensi, Micky Fitz or Malcolm Owen; yes the gifted ones!. This regional band has it all in spades.

Stand My Ground is gritty and aggro as hell and has killer Oi! style both lyrically and in terms of irate tempo, this also has wicked song structure and great vocal melodies.

War is another rager in the pack that reminds me of all the cool appeal of 70's/80's Punk, the catchieness, lyrics that grab your attention and riffs that are total earworms. Add on most tracks impressive gang vocals that always win me over. My Baby is one definite departure compared to the other tracks, it is very Rose Tattoo and The Angels and that will appeal to many, even me who is not a fan of either of the bands at all. But it clearly shows how skilled the band is, this is one that rocks very hard. The epic closer is One True God which easily wins the title of best track on this solid release. It has a brilliant gritty vibe that is a mix of excellent styles, stunning riffs and a chorus that is a total classic:

Five Hail Mary's to save your soul!

This closing track shows the talent on show that Convict Class has on board and bear in mind this was pretty much a live demo , with most tracks done in one take!. The production is solid on this and it sound live, punchy and raw and make you hang to see this band live and also to hear a full album of this streetpunk glory.

Interview coming up early next year!!!

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