BEYOND BELIEF - GLUTTONY SINNERS album. FFO: Mental, hectic slam/beatdown and death metal/goregrind.



FFO: Mental, hectic slam/beatdown and death metal/goregrind.

This is one brutal UK/USA project that is hard to describe, but so abrasively efficient. This release is like a hectic mix of brutal slam metal/death metal and almost goregrind mixed with crushing beatdown hardcore. Gluttony Sinners is one sensational horror-filled violence classic; with insane gutturals/pig squeals mixed with mental samples. It is not just one style or tempo, it has some hip-hop vocals as well as a guest by the demigod Danny Diablo just to add to the slaughtering approach of this record. Everything works so well and this band is one severe killing machine. This album would be mental live. 

Is there any subtlety or breathing room on this release, no fucking way? But hey like all totally abrasive music, I just want my ears to be blown up and feel the need to inflict spin kicks to random punters. I ain't reviewing every track, because I think with this heavy release, the point is utter brutality; pure and simple. But I love how they avoid entirely all the dumbarse tech shit that heaps of Slam Metal has and just go for the scattergun/shotgun approach. Pit of Disgust is an excellent opener though it must be said; a brilliant way to begin the filth of this band. One consistent factor is the mix of the vocals-total goregrind/squeals vs close to spoken and real moody English vocals. Layer this all with explosive drums, acidic riffs and biting song structures, real over-the-top havoc from start to end with nasty horror-style lyrics and you have a sensationally grubby beast of a release. Torture Room was a huge fave, that rhythmic riffs and almost death groove gets better with each listen, I also dug Homicidal Maniac with its severe beatdown grandiose approach and the original single for the album Meat Cleaver still rules, I especially loved the drawn out gutturals mixed with those ripping hardcore vocals. Other gems were the gritty title track(with that glorious South Park sample..LMFAO), Devil's Work and my absolute album fave was Stay Down; this track had a slightly different vibe to it and the vocals were extraordinary plus the guest vocals from Danny Diablo as added ammo to the warlike track. 

The slower pace definitely shows this band has tons of quality on board. But this coarse, crude and brutal release will defile your ears and head by the end of it. Gotta also give props to their artwork, merch and videos-talk about keeping a great theme across all access points-I appreciate that heaps, killer band and album. 
1054 Records is having a huge year with wide-styled bands with solid releases and full of quality musicians. Get dirty with this evil release and scare your neighbours with it!!!!!!

Out Dec 16:

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