Protospasm-Unreachable Summit Album review. FFO: Dynamic, killer riff heavy classic hardcore.


Protospasm-Unreachable Summit Album review. FFO: Dynamic, killer riff heavy classic hardcore.

Fuck me, what an absolute rager of an album. No surprises, as this band have musos that have been kicking around the hardcore and metal scenes for some time. And it shows for such a solid and action-packed debut. Broadly the palette is punk-influenced hardcore with tons of melody in an ol'school DC style as opposed to Fat Wreck Chords melodic punk.  The band are an utterly solid unit, the bass and drums work together as an absolute force, whilst the biting vocals and shredding riffs just bring it all home. Every track has tons of power and just pushes so hard with dynamic aggression.  Tracks like the killer title track, Enough, Tempus Fugit, Threats and Fake are utter peak 80's hardcore with style and finesse. These particular tracks are pretty brutish, but even in those mosh classics is quite fancy riffs that are gnarly and add that real rollercoaster edge to pretty high tempo tracks. However, as much as I crave straight-up hardcore tracks I really snuck my teeth into wide landscaped tracks like The Devil, Mummified Alive and Confusion -these all have some groovy pace, but have that almost Social Distortion borderline rock 'n roll element and that is something that is truly missed since the early 90's with killer bands like Blitz Babiez etc. Ánd that is the point of critical difference, instead of just racing to just finish a track, the band are creating tracks with depth and mood.

Definitely better than your run of the mill local punk rock band, this band deserves all the merits and definitely international support gigs and tours. So the band are tight, provide glorious guitar magic on every track and are obviously seasoned songwriters. Other bonuses are sensational gang vocal backing vocals, punchy production and brilliant transitions in each track. Each track builds on the next, and even in a 3 min classic like Enough (best track on this album) the tempo changes are intelligent and so purposeful. Plenty of wow, wtf moments on this great album.
And it passes my pressure test, pop this album on shuffle and regardless of the order, it is an amazing album.
Kudos to the band, and also please note this band delivers live-every single time. If you think this album is hectic, catch this band live-raging punk/hardcore at its finest.

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