Entrapment-s/t album review.


Entrapment-s/t album review.

FFO: Proper hardcore, no pretension.

Yes, I fucking realise this dropped mid last year, but we know 2020 was a dogshit year. So it's still catchup for releases worth your time. 

This is Gold Coast hardcore that's all punchy, killer and hectic. Entrapment has strong vibes of old school hardcore in the style of Poison Idea, The Germs and even Toe to Toe or early Mindsnare. Riffs dominate as much as the gritty vocals and nothing is over the top or wasted here. Just straight solid hardcore with great lyrics and moshpit inspired dynamics. 

This debut is eight killer tracks that are equally catchy and combative. The aggression never stops and has an imposing harmony beneath all the calculated chaos. Highlights for my ears were: Failures-a well
angry song with decent groove, War of Words-don't know what it is with this track, it simply rips and is addictive as hell and those lyrics are incredible (has to be a solid back story to this track), The Mountain is sensational as well, cool tempo changes and nasty guitar work and Wrong shows the depth of this awesome band and perhaps future expansions of their overall sound.

The band are currently recording a new album, set for release this year and it will be a absolute ripper.

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