FFO: Sick arse, dynamic Death Metal with groove.
What a beast of an album, the thing that has always got me in deep with this band and this album big time, is the sensational vocal range and the groove of this album. The weird thing is sometimes the riffs sound like some Nu-Metal like Slipknot or even FFS Korn, but it so works. You got hooked into a mad groove and then get run over by six trucks...case in point the track Defiant. There are multiple musical changes in every track and it is a massive monument to how skilled these fuckers are at their craft. The influences run deep throughout this album, you have some melodic stuff combined with some insane old school death metal and as mentioned even Nu-Metal style riff work. Like I said a real beast of a release. Spin this once and you'll be hooked. Overall the production was glorious and a perfect match for this band. 14 albums in and this band are still gripping and never dull.

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