HEATHEN-Empire of the blind album review.

 HEATHEN-Empire of the blind album review.

FFO: Thrashy greatness, Anthrax, Exodus.

The vocals are searing, the riffs are like blades and the momentum is thrilling. Plus this album makes me wanna bang my head off straight away. This takes me back to a time when you heard a track on a public radio station and wanted to rewind your shitty tape back again, again and again. Heathen has been kicking since the early '80s but never got the credit they should have. I mean their peak albums and definitely this release is as fierce as the best Exodus, Testament and Anthrax releases. I loved that each track was diverse to the previous, but as a whole, this album is a rager. Classic and epic thrash at it's very best.
Vocals are sublime, enough aggro and melody to balance out sick arse riffs and well-written songs.
It's out now and it's a beast.

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