Cicatrizes (plus extras) EP/Abum by Escombro

Cicatrizes (plus extras) EP/Abum by Escombro.

FFO:  Punch to the face hardcore, brutal riffs, aggressive vocals, a boxing match version of a band.

1054 records have grabbed us by the fucking throat again with this killer hardcore release from Sao Paulo, Brazil. This band is an absolute force of a band, no mess no fuss just pure angry hardcore with beatdown style, but not that generic boring European bullshit. This like many bands from this region, trims all the irrelevant fat and just comes in like an extremely efficient military killing machine. No subtle shit here at all, and that's what this writer loves....nasty and heavy chunky riffs with a constant brutal undertone, proper hardcore vocals, and songs that are catchy.....that's all I need from my music. This is a big transition from their previous equally fantastic releases, just more aggro and heavier. I dug the Biohazard like vibe of their music. The five tracks are solid as hell and catchy and so damn abrasive. The bonus of this release is you get the out of stock previous 2018 EP Eutanasia Social as well as the killer 2019 track O Peso de Sobreviver on CD for the first time. And are these bonuses throwaway, no way both are outstanding and top quality and epicly psychotic.

Invest your time in this sensational band!!!

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