Deathrow-Left to Rot EP review.

Deathrow-Left to Rot EP review.

Music fans are too quick to underestimate the relevance of Beatdown hardcore. Whilst certain European bands excel in producing lame versions of this music, Australia has some real masters of the genre. With their stupendous second release, Deathrow will make every listener shout "WTF, this band is so heavy and skilled at this style".
Yeah boy, prepare your face to get caved in, this release is H-E-C-T-I-C and incredible.

This Queensland four-piece weapon is a heavy as fuck hardcore band with strong beatdown/slam and even death metal influences. Basically like No Zodiac on steroids crossed with Bulldoze/Grimlock. Pace is never too fast, because it's all about the heavy tone, be it vocals/guitar/bass or drums. Heavy, gritty, nasty, abrasive as hell.

The band's confidence seems to have soared since their brilliant 2018 demo-Malicious Intent.
No massive style changes, but with much-improved production and playing, all seems more refined, whilst remaining deranged. The louder stuff is louder and the vocals and riffs are key for this release. It's by no means polished-thank fuck for that given the genre. Too many times great production means making everything seem duller but Left to Rot is sheer nuclear mayhem.

After signing to 1054 records last year, they have been working away on this new insane EP and the cd version comes with the brilliantly remastered bonus of their first demo EP; now that is great value!. So as a 10 track mega EP on a cd you have all the fuel you need to blast your neighbors into obliteration.

Essential as hell....
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