Fallbrawl-Darkness album review.

Fallbrawl-Darkness album review.

Fallbrawl is a metallic hardcore/breakdown force not to be fucked with. Darkness is one of the heaviest and darkest hardcore albums you will have heard in ages, and it will floor you with its impact.

Fallbrawl is a well-established unit that has never compromised in their intention and while every one of their releases is definitely worth your time, Darkness is the album that blows any misplaced accusations of them being a generic beatdown influenced band. This writer constantly struggles with the mediocrity of many beatdown bands; because 75% of the genre sounds mostly dull and uninspiring.

Fallbrawl separates themselves by not just having a few fleeting metal-inspired riffs and vocal stylings but being as much a metal band as a hardcore tour de force. The strong metal integration has always been there for this band, but Darkness really consolidates all their astonishing progress since 2005. The fact their label let them take three years to produce this absolute gem is definitive proof that simply producing releases to meet contractual obligations is a disaster. The time, effort and craft were worth the wait with this classic release.

The production is spot on for focusing on the brilliant talent within this band and it balances out the guitar/vocal aggression with the amazing spotlight on the solid rhythm section of the band. Fallbrawl has stepped it up from the previous and perfect release Chaos Reigns from 2015. Everything just seems so much angrier and the twists and turns are unpredictable and tbh just psychotic.

The album is flawless from the gripping opener
Welcome to Reality to absolute ragers like Helldogs and Pressure. The only track that for this writer was amiss was My World Burns, the clean deathcore guest vocals were not a great fit for the song; but kudos for the variation in this track.

Overall, a crushingly heavy album that deserves repeat listens and it drops on 8th November from BDHW records:

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and watch these sick videos:
Darkness: https://youtu.be/31yntZiFDZY
Welcome to Reality: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J4ml23xAnb8