Eight Count-Down for the Count EP/Demo review.

Eight Count-Down for the Count EP/Demo review.

As we stated last week, Australia and in particular Melbourne is producing some absolutely solid hardcore/metal bands at the moment. And this writer, as a certified veteran of the said community, can attest that Eight Count is a major contender for the best new hardcore band of 2019.

Eight Count is a real deal hardcore band with serious street cred but eloquently balanced by excellent thrash metal influences. Down for the Count is their debut; it's a demo but given the high quality evident it is a kick-arse EP that impresses.

If you are a fan of honest and gritty hardcore, there is no doubt you will worship this band. The band is so so solid, they would fit perfectly on the marvelous Trial and Error records catalog. And for those not familiar with this label, it was and always will be this country's finest hardcore label.

Four great tracks of beefy hardcore that definitely has some Madball, Death Before Dishonour and Hatebreed vibes. But not in some lame copycat style, Eight Count mix up the best of old school hardcore with both metal and even street punk vibes. And they crush it with ease. They remind me of some of the best Australian bands as well; like Southpaw, From the Ruins and even early Toe to Toe.

My best advice is to grab a copy of their demo asap:

and catch them live.

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