Interview with Lord Ahriman of Dark Funeral

Interview with Lord Ahriman of Dark Funeral.

Who doesn't love a chat to a Black Metal legend and Lord Ahriman was no exception. He was really humble, which was really refreshing and to hear the pure dedication the man has to his craft was great. 

Dark Funeral has been tearing your souls apart since 1993 and their releases have been highly rated for a reason. This writer's personal fave was their spine-chilling and head-crushing album Where Shadows Forever Reign which is one of modern black metal's absolute classics. Give it a listen if you haven't, it is so unhinged, yet so aggressively focused. Plus it has the classic Nail Them to the Cross which is nasty and essential.

Here's my chat with all-round great guy Lord Ahriman; he talked about the hectic tour schedule, his journey into the metal club and the passion he has for music as a creative force. Enjoy!

And don't you fucking dare miss their tour with the mighty Immolation who we recently interviewed, as well as amazing supports.....Horns Up!!!!!!