Cerebral Scar-Follow The Liar EP. Heavy, crushing UK Thrashcore.


Cerebral Scar-Follow The Liar EP. Heavy, crushing UK Thrashcore.

You have to give it to 1054 Records, they consistently find these gems out of the woodwork. Cerebral Scar is another one of these hectic and aggressive as-hell bands that ticks all the right boxes. Metallic riffs, searing vocals, military-like drums and bass that sound like an SAS kill force, and big old-school influences make this EP a masterpiece. Forget the very AI-looking cover art(though it does tie in with the lyrics to the related track), this is awesome and intense stuff.

The band sounds very influenced by old-school death metal, especially Bolt Thrower, Hellbastard, Lawnmower Death, Cerebral Fix, Acid Reign, or the hardcore of Voorhees, Ripcord, Heresy etc. Even the more metallic moments of greats such as English Dogs and Broken Bones. Every track has incredible moments that make you reminisce about the key bands, whilst the band is remarkably original. Strap yourself in, because this is a nasty classic release.

All Seeing Eye is the opener and here is the outstanding Bolt Thrower influence, crushing vocals, dark tone and an unrelenting attack on your senses. Killer lyrics also, and the music is very much crossover, like a proper crossover that is a true mix of thrash and hardcore; with a definite touch of OSDM. The confidence shines on the peak-level insane solo on this track and it sounds like it is very much going off the rails with its raw aggressive intent. The breakdowns and tempo twists towards the second half were a joy to listen to; multiple times in fact. Crushing tune.

Sell The Dream is equally a song on the absolute offensive, no pissing about just gritty riffs and vocals-this had a SOD/Anthrax/Nuclear Assault vibe I loved.The wonderful thing about this band is with such a solid line-up they merge styles so well; prime example is how this is thrashy as hell but has a meaty death metal vocal approach. This song has the works, including deranged gang vocals-even musically a solid Biohazard influence.

Next song Crucify The Saviour you are convinced that the band has taken a Crowbar-Eyehategod-Soilent Green turn(which can never be a bad thing, all hail the NOLA sound) but soon enough the acidic thrashcore sounds rattle your skull and this is a moshworthy chaotic gem. And the drums and vocals are the highlight of this ripper. Another killer part of this track is the slower, but very death metal vocal work in the later part of the track. Such an epic journey, you have to give credit to a band that can cram some much quality into one song. Each track is four minutes +, but the relentless pace and tone make it all fly by.

Closing out this classic EP is the title track and what a way to go out on such a savage track. The lyrics are so awesome, particularly for those who hate keyboard warriors or experts. Musically it is so bludgeoning and savage. The main riff is damn expansive and bitter as hell, the intensity just builds as the vocals and drums suffocate you. This song also has the intensity of bands like Death Before Dishonor, All Out War and Sworn Enemy. The terrible tragedy about this release is WE NEED MORE SONGS OR AN ALBUM FFS!!!. 

No doubt this killer band has heaps more recording plans in the kitchen, so let's hope it's sooner rather than later. This band is sensational, heavy and so dynamic.

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