Worst-Resurrected album review and interview. FFO: the toughest hardcore around.


Worst-Resurrected album review and interview. FFO: the toughest hardcore around.

Wow, I love this band, always so self-assured in that classic Brazillian style, so heavy and crushing
So many sick Brazilian bands are my fave, but in the modern age; Worst is the boss band. And this album is definitely the band at its heaviest. Worst have existed, finished and now are literally Resurrected; everything is tougher, harder and more hectic.

Worst is an aggressive straight-up hardcore band from São Paulo, Brazil and this newish lineup (with Thiago still on vocals and the same bassist) makes the five years of dead air seem forgotten in a second. Deserto, their sensational album from 2018 still gets plenty of plays from me. 
But this is definitely the high point of their career, so far. Everything explodes from the speakers, proper aggressive hardcore. Worst take a foundation base of Madball, Hatebreed and even Irate and mix it with that Brazilian flair. 

We Are Back is the strong opener, which is a definitive battle flag in the ground stuff, it is as much an announcement as a call out to all the weak bands and pretenders. Glorious and huge track. You Can't Handle It continues this impressive fight music release, with truckloads of dynamic riffs, all as intense and catchy as hell. Like many of the tracks on this album, there are these clever tempo changes or transitions into mosh bits that make this go hard. Also, they are always hardcore-based but intelligently use elements of death metal mixed with astonishing harmonics. A Verdade is an upcoming video and this sears you with super confident
vocals, Slayer-like guitarwork(always a winner) and crisp songwriting. How addictive is that main riff, very Biohazard meets early Madball right/left combo to the face. Definitely a huge album highlight, also has some delightful Arise-era Sepultura vibes. Desenterrado is equally as dense, with even more Sepultura-style injections, more of the Chaos A.D. sounds this time; mixed with an insane beatdown chugga-chugga MMA bout. Yet another album highlight is the fifth track, Sangue; this not only has a mindblowing intro that is quite a crossover styled, but it also has nasty guest vocals that make this a total in-your-face assault that showcases the tightness of the band. All is super cohesive and solid as hell.

Mundos Diferentes is abrasive and takes no prisoners at all. Again the Slayer-inspired riffs dominate and the fast tempo really works so well. The metal influences shine through with some almost Municipal Waste inspiration as well. Man, this band literally drips in quality and high-level skills. No light tracks on this killer album. Don't Give Up ends the album in a totally blazing finale. The main groove in this track is amazingly catchy and hectic. Thiago's vocal performance is the main focus, with real diversity and crushing range. I always think you need to go out huge on an album and this track is stellar, the tension and tone are sublime, especially towards the very end. Incredible band and a beast of an album.
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and now for a killer chat with the main man, vocalist Thiago.


Congrats and welcome back, give us all the information and stories about what has happened between your leaving and the new lineup brother?
How would you say things have changed musically and socially over the last few years?

What’s up my friends, is so good to be back!
Yeah, is like a fucking crazy movie HAHAHA.
In the 2018 Europe tour, we had a bad time with Fernando (ex-drummer) and we had a fight after a show in Munster, Germany. I decided not to play with him anymore. Then he tried to continue the band without me and it didn’t work. So he finished the band.
After 3 years I met him at the street, we hug each other, drink some beers, and came back a friendship again. Than we decided to come back with Worst. We knew people wanted it and we really wanted it. But some months later Fernando was not in a good time of his life, and he quit the band. We were without knowing what to do, we tried a lot to talk with him to come back, but he told us no longer want to play drums, he was tired about hardcore, doesn’t want to play with me Monstrinho anymore. So we had some shows payed, we had to do this shows, and he picked the money, and we never saw this money, but we found a drummer Lucas who is an insane drummer and we did these shows and the band is on again! With full force!!!

What inspires you, what made you form this band/project initially, and what other bands or projects were you in previously? we are always happy for the history lesson.

Bro, heavy music inspires me, the truth about this is what people leave behind just to do this for love, of course, we have to pay our bills, we love money, we need good money but all bands I see know, who started with us, some before some after, but bands are getting bigger and bigger. And I’m seeing that heavy music is getting bigger, we have space for everyone, in Europe, in America. Everywhere!
Projects/bands: In vocals, I had Fucking violence, my project when I was off Worst.
But I played drums in a lot of bands,
In 2001 ey first band was Last Mistake,than I played in a grindcore band called Presto?, a death metal band Chorume and a crossover band, RHD.
But the band I became really professional musician was Aditive (2006-2009). This band I travelled all the country, with a good structure, and was so fun and professional.
Then I entered in Forgotten Boys, is a big band here in Brazil, we did a lot of South America tours and Brazilians tours, all at drums, I never was in vocals in any of this bands.

What is most important to your creativity? What are the biggest challenges? What has being a musician taught you?
What is the band’s creative process? Walk us through the how this EP came about, and also much love for the incredible production, it’s literally the best sounding hardcore album in years

Most important for me is I soak up what I love to hear, listen, and not try to sound equal, but always being faithful to what I really listen and makes me want to break all shit around me. So I try to always innovate, but I know is natural to have a style, like Worst style, is natural, you see the sound of the band has his own originality.
The creative process in this album was funny, cause we met in January. Me Covero, and Bruno in my home, than I open my cell phone and showed them like 10 riffs (I recorded w my mouth) and then Covero show me like 20 riffs on the guitar. We took note of them and we say to each other.. let’s met in 1 week at the studio, then we started to think about the parts, and started inventing parts that would be good with these principal riffs. Then we recorded a little demo instrumental.. and I started to put vocals. But when I put vocals a lot of thing change.
So we did another record with the voices ideas and then entered at studio. We did this 7 songs in just 2 months. This was the faster álbum of my life.

How would you describe the music community/scene in your part of the world today?
What venues seem to fit your type/form of music?
What is the message of your songs?

For our band, Brazil is not so good right now. Only weekend shows, Friday Saturday Sunday, here people don’t have the costume to go out to show at weekdays, this sucks. And for real, a lot of internet shit talkers, people inventing shit about politics. Less talk you know, less politics, more music, more feelings, I feel a little fucked up about it in Brazil. So I’m so happy that we are going back touring Europe now in September and October. And next year we gonna spend all summer touring there too. June, July, August, so I'll not stay here pissing me off. I’ll go where people want to see us, want to party with us, want to see us kicking asses on stage.

Do you seem to be getting more extreme or tangential with your musical tastes as you age? I mean Worst seems to actually get heavier with each release.
Musically what are some of your early influences, what are you listening to these days? What was the last album you bought or loved?

I think I am more open right now to new things, but always truth to my taste.., I love jazz, blues, but I always Try to get what’s new in the scene.
My influences began early , my mom listen to Nirvana, and Metallica, and then I started on Sepultura, Pantera, Obituary, Death, and Cannibal Corpse.
And later I discovered Biohazard, Madball, and Agnostic Front, this changed my life.
Last album I bought that I loved was
Concrete Confessional - Hatebreed. I love them, love all the álbums since Satisfaction is the death of Desire.
These days I listen to a lot of my friends bands, Nasty, Lionheart, Get the Shot, Kublai Khan, Malevolence, there’s a band that I love, I don’t know the guys but I listen to so much , is Knocked Loose.

What’s your opinion on making videos, art as in albums inserts etc, i.e., making art vs simply providing just a product, how does art and music intersect for you?
How would you describe the band’s sound? walk us through all your releases, what’s the main difference between your first and most current release?
We work a lot with Andre Ottoni, an insane artist here from Brazil, and me and him we talk a lot about the concept of the albums, cause I love to have cd and vinyl. And is so important for me to appreciate the art, see the details, and know the lyrics, I always loved it. When I was a kid I remember stay looking at the arts, saying, fuck, one day I need to express my own in this. I think Worst is real hardcore, real metal, I love death, thrash metal, so we cannot run from this.
I guess the difference from the first album “tTe desejo todo o mal do mundo” tô our 5th album “Resurrected “ is brutal.

I didn’t knew nothing about vocals, I vê been always at the drums, this helped me a lot when I decided start singing, because I had experience at stage, and in vocals kind of knew how to move. But my voice was like shit. People really love this first album, but is so raw, and is inevitable that we learn the ways to do it better. But I feel we found a way to express the instrumental and the lyrics, The voice with the real Worst Personality.

What does your band name mean to you?
Diy or major label? How much does success mean to you? How do you define this?
I believe your band has always had a strong fan following, why do you believe this is so?

My band means everything to me.
I wake up everyday working on it, I sleep everyday working on it. I fucking love it, love the way of life we live. I breath it.
Major label!!
Success means play shows, get paid, get respect, travel the world, make good friends all around the world, people on the streets recognize your work, respecting you, coming to talk with you “ yo bro I love your band” and I always have a smile on my face to this people.this is success to me.
I think people feel that I speak the truth, sometimes in streets or in a party, guys always see me doing my thing, never talking shit about anyone, we have spaceman everyone. So I am for real you know.

What is your view of a worthwhile live performance, what are the successful components?
Why did you pick Hardcore as your chosen musical genre?
Who are or were your role models or guideposts for this impressive style of music etc, be it musicians or lyrical inspiration-Worst excel at both.

I inspire myself so much seeing Hatebreeds frontman Jamey Jasta, is a guy that I admire so much, his attitude. I think this is so true.

What’s up next for the band?
Are you doing any gigs/tours?
Any Final messages or witty stories for your fans?

We are releasing a new album via 1054 records and we are so fucking excited. Hellxis is going to release the vinyl and European edition , September and October we are going on our 4th Europe tour, is gonna be sick!!’ We are so stocked to play this new album, with this new line up, our new drummer never been on tour in Europe so is gonna be insane.
2024 we gonna spend June July and August in Europe for the summer seasons, so we are on !!!!
Haha thanks very much to you guys, thanks to our friends, to our fans that support us since always. We see you guys on the road!’
1054 family forever !!!!

And thanks for your time, as always much love and respect brother
(1054 family for life!)