Anoxia-Languish In Suffering EP. FFO:OSDM brutality.


Anoxia-Languish In Suffering EP. FFO: OSDM brutality.

This is an excellent release that doesn't imitate the peak OSDM, particularly Florida greatness; but instead simply plays classic Death Metal as it was. The EP punishes you as a solid Death Metal beast should, with horror movie deep growled vocals, warlike drums and riffs that slice chunks off you. This is such a ripping release. A must-have for an extreme music fan.

These Sydney killers have previously done a demo but this first official release is worth the wait. Every track be it mid-paced or frenetic is utterly necessary, the produced is aggressive, balanced and dynamically assaultive. I honestly believe the blood-chilling opening tracks set the mood so well, From Flesh to Ash and the title track get your head and body going within 10 seconds and for a debut EP this showcases a skill level above some bands on album three. There is a pounding groove to each track and a maddened vocal and riff approach that really goes for the throat and you think; fuck I would love to see this band live. This is very self-assured, confident and angry as fuck. 

Torturous Degraduation is a revamped demo song that is obviously around for a reason, like a serial killer tracking his target; this is evil, nasty Death Metal at its best. Many songs sit around the early Deicide, Morbid Angel and Suffocation style; and that is fine by me; as they function as their own band; not a weak imitation of past greats. (You also get the original demo version as well for comparison, which is still a gem). Rounding off this shortish EP, (and that's my only criticism, I would have preferred a longer release or a full album as these songs are all quality) is the fantastic Drowned in Venom; my fave track, it is a blood-curling gem; that definitely uses clever tempo changes, killer songwriting and very much kicks to the face be it lovely technical riffs, insane vocals or bass and drums that work like earthquakes. Killer track and quite frankly a band with a big future. Well recommended and out now:

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