The Owen Guns-Dawn of the Braindead album. FFO: Classic Old School Hardcore Punk.


The Owen Guns-Dawn of the Braindead album. FFO: Classic Old School Hardcore Punk. Fuck yes, been hanging for this release for ages. Utterly entertaining and well-written punk rock classics all around on this.

This killer band has been releasing consistently awesome EPs for a while and also drops funny as fuck videos also. The band are certainly a bunch of intelligent punks that have a sense of humour, but endless skills to boot. They hit quality sociopolitical topics and always crucify fuckheads like flat earthers, racists and the like; as we all should. So nothing to complain about it, but added theremin and kazoo for effect. 
This album is full of wicked anthems and the whole thing is designed to be played live. There are super short songs like Arson About, Five Bees, Fuck What You Think You Heard, It's Not A Riot and Drunk Shirtless Guy which are hectic as hell and remind me of Descendents on meth. 

Other killer highlights:  Not You Too because Bono is a deadshit and it is a ripping track, Who Stole the Water is a classic and was my favourite track off this release, with its nasty tone and mad riffs, Fuck What You Think You Heard is so Dead Kennedys it is absurd (except Sean is a better singer!), It's Too Late is a revamp of a previous track with more vigour and is a raging beast. Pulling on the Boots is a revamp of a streetpunk track off Romper Stomper, but it turns the aggro back on racist scum. These guys are legends just for that track alone. CSMF is also a track that is a wild earworm, just beware of singing this at work!.

Also how incredible is the album cover, seriously one of the best with both the detail and the message. 
The production is dynamic, yet snotty as a squat gig; nothing is over-emphasised, but the energy is right in your face. Now the lyrics are excellent and the sarcasm is brutally crisp, but don't think this is a piss-take band. Every track is structured so well, the riffs are catchy as hell and the whole release flows so well from start to end. One thing is for sure the talent, humour and aggressive energy of this band are infectious and it is one of the first albums this year that I have played on repeat like 5 times in a row. 
Certified punk classic this album!.

That means buy this album now and support these legends big time!!

Watch this now, it's incredible: