Ministry-Moral Hygiene album review. FFO: well Ministry let's be honest.


Ministry-Moral Hygiene album review. FFO: well Ministry let's be honest.

Ministry is an incredible band that for many of us was a strong highlight for the end of the '80s and the start of the '90s. They ruled live and their tracks floored the dancefloor in many alternative clubs I was a huge fan of. Whilst they have had a dip in album quality for the last seven albums, this album is certainly a return to form. Whilst some trimming of some songs would have made this a more robust album, it is solid enough to please most fans and seems like many tracks would slot perfectly between set faves. Alert Level, Sabotage is Sex (with the mighty Jello), Disinformation and Tv Song#6 is prime time Ministry with scintillating beats, industrial tone and samples, all with sharp sociopolitical wit. That is the most easily likeable part of the album and then you have less tempo obsessed tracks like Good Trouble, Death Toll and We Shall Resist that definitely build with each listen. These types of tracks have deep texture and are sharply arranged tracks that are made for headphone listening type of worship, and they are cool as hell. Believe Me was a track that I really found initially annoying, but the Killing Joke meets Sisters of Mercy greatness that developed after the fourth listen really jumped into my head and is a raging masterpiece. Broken System just falls flat for me and the same as the slowed-down cover of The Stooge's Search and Destroy which just baffles me, even as a B-side it's not a great version of the song; but some folk will dig it I guess. But overall a very decent album that seems to have some raging classics that will fit well into their live performances.
I am rapt they still maintain their rage, their individual style and write cracking songs of intent.
And the cover art is also classic as hell!.

Out Oct 1st:

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