Post-punk wickedness of TV Cult-Demo review.

Post-punk wickedness of TV Cult-Demo review.

TV Cult is a brutally basic, yet modern punk group from Cologne, Germany. Their raw music style deliberately rejects perfection as well as a lot of superfluous bullshit.

This bio is so on point and it is quite simply the best punk demo I have heard in ages. Think the best quality post-punk/garage punk and not that lame trendy bullshit "where it's so awesome to be retro maaaan", let's dress like it's 1982 but make utter dull music etc, etc.
Nope, Tv Cult rule in these three classic tunes.

Reminds me of Melbourne's own Eddy Current Suppression Ring mixed with Radio Birdman or Jay Reatard. Yes, that great. Opener Dark 80's Fantasy is phenomenal, catchy, riffs that are crunchy as and brilliant vocal gymnastics. Plus wicked 80's referenced lyrics. You will play this track over, and over and over. 100%. Second track Elon's Blood Boy continues the vibe, but branches out somewhat different it being less of a barnstormer, but rejoicing in a suberbly crafted rollercoaster of a track. This is one for the headphones folks. Demo closer Steven Seagal picks up the pace and would close any set perfectly with this rager. Fantastic guitar work and quirky vocals add to a song referencing the ponytailed legend himself as well as Jean-Claude Van Damme, Sylvester Stallone, and Jackie Chan. A truly amazing debut and I cannot fucking wait for a full album.


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