In case you missed.....Dissent-Athame Ep review

Dissent- Athame Ep review.

Who doesn't love gritty angry Ep full of hate?.
Dissent are an abrasive hardcore band from New Jersey and are on the mighty Upstate Records roster. They dropped this killer Ep in August, but we couldn't let it pass you by.

Four tracks of pure hatred with a definite beatdown influence, but not generic metallic hardcore style. The Ep doesn't piss about at all. It's a total rager and basically made for the days when you are at war with the world. I wouldn't say the songs are incredibly original, same as the song structure. But there are plenty of catchy riffs and hardass vocals.

Tracks like The System and Ep closer The End of Hope really get under your skin and deserve repeated listenings. My only complaint is the Ep is too short because I wanted more of this grim hardcore.

The great news is the band is already planning for a new release, hopefully, an album in 2019.

3.5/5 Spinkicks to your face. These guys will do big things and each of their releases shows an amazing improvement on its predecessor. My hope is they can translate their live brutality to a full album.
Here's them killing it live:

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