In Case you missed...... Burn Victim

We always have a backlog of reviews, this is a very lucky position to be in but delays suck. However, we have to rep shit we hear and really like. Case in point, Ohio powerhouse hardcore band BURN VICTIM.
This is essential metallic hardcore at its peak and it crushes.

This self-titled release dropped via Bandcamp in April but is so worth your time. It is exceptional as this is their first release, a solid 8 track album that reminds me of Hatebreed in a blender with Jesus Piece and proper old school metalcore bands.

The sheer sound they bring from a four-piece is incredible, it's like a refined steamroller on steroids. Production is punching as fuck with exceptional attention to making the guitars bring the abrasive riffs to your ears as much as the raw as fuck vocals. Every track was excellent and the writer loved the quality craftsmanship of the lyrics, they were excellent. Check out opener Snakes:

Hungry predators with venomous intent 
Hide their hiss and call there self a friend 
Treading lightly, keeping distance 
How quickly they're to turn in an instant 
Behind the veil, another fiend 
Practicing trickery and deceit 
Out from hiding, the serpents slither 
Forked tongues begin to flicker 
No longer of use 
Without second thought 
Fucked and left to rot 
That's some awesome but hectic writing.
Highlights of this great release were the Opener ,Snakes, the ripping Sounding and Slug. Although all tracks were equally crushing and I loved the distortion/feedback throughout the tracks and the craziness that comes from unhinged bands like Converge; this opens up multiple directions or album stylings this band could easily consider.

5/5 Blown speakers for me. And hopefully interviewing this band real soon.

Don't piss about go to and get your ears on the happy train.

Solid band and release.