Morphine-Dysphoria album review.

Morphine-Dysphoria album review.

Morphine is a crushing depressive suicidal black metal band that is grim and uplifting at the same time. Basically taking the best of original black metal and amping up the atmospheric bleakness to ten. Also skipping the hidden or veiled racist rhetoric masked in some shitty black metal and addressing issues of sexual politics/identity as the artist refers to:

" The torture of transitioning"

Indeed as this zine always states, music having lyrics and content with depth should never be a second or forgotten choice. The sheer rawness of emotion here is clear cut and anyone who has worked with people experiencing gender identity issues knows how dark the unease and mental discomfort can be for some individuals. Thus this music is a great fit for the somber tone evidenced by this band. The music is well written, not dull and it's 23 mins of foreboding, heavy as fuck well crafted extreme metal. Deeply atmospheric, a touch blackgazy but sinisterly sensational. Play this loud and embrace the merciless success of a true artist.


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